Progress of PTI in KPK in two months – #NayaKPK

Progress of PTI in KPK in two months

  1. RTI (Right to information)
  2. Whistle blower law
  3. Right to services
  4. KP Home Department to publish info about departments online
  5. Conflict of interest
  6. New sales Tax collection system
  7. Accountability commission/ Ehtesaab
  8. Computrized Land System
  9. Online FIR system
  10. Third party consultants in development projects for transparency.
  11. KP govt hospitals set to begin free services, and medicines
  12. New Cancer Hospital
  13. Dengue control Centre
  14. Biometric system for fair elections
  15. Peshawar Mass Transit train (overhead train system)
  16. Two mega cities
  17. Curriculum keeping Islamic teachings, same curriculum
  18. Intelligence wing/Province own intelligence
  19. Local Body elections, Funds will be given to Local bodies, power will be devolved to  villages from MPAs and MNAs ,LocalGovt Tehsil/ District to be on party
    based; Village councils to be on non party based
  20. Play ground in each District
  21. Talent Hunt Program cricket
  22. Mobile Court
  23. No Full Protocol for MNAs, MPAs,
  24. CM n governor house will be changed into library or park
  25. Elementary and secondary education department introduced
  26. GPRS / GSM based Biometrics attendance monitoring system in
    the department. This initiative is first of its kind among education
    departments in the country.
  27. Same Education system will be started from next year/equal for all
  28. Houses and guest houses will not be rented without police clarification
  29. The district administration, Mansehra has decided to launch a fresh anti-encroachment campaign in the district.
  30. Maternal and Child Health Centre
  31. Mobile Health Services
  32. Hydropower plant and Lady Doctor Programme at the Government High School, Bagh Dheri, Swat
  33. The appointment and extension of a VC will now depend on his performance
  34. Police reforms in KP. IGP starts monitoring police performance through CCTVs.

…and many more to come…Insha’Allah